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Remember your damn dreams!

Most people don’t suffer from a lack of dreams; they suffer from an addiction to forgetting about their nightmares.

Many people spend the majority of their week hating their jobs, hating their problems, hating the people they have to be around, and at the first moment when free time arises, they instantly throw themselves into any activity that will help them forget all the pain and disappointment that characterizes their day-to-day lives. Then when Monday morning comes along, they gear up for another long week of Hell until the next day off.

I understand, and empathize with, this phenomenon. I was its poster boy for many years.

We all need time to unplug. And if we’re not here to have fun, then what’s the point of being here at all?

BUT there’s more to life than using leisure activity as a means for medicating our pain and temporarily forgetting our existential woes.

We are creators. And a certain measure of what Thoreau called “quiet desperation” will always haunt us until we take our creativity seriously. Moreover, our most important creative project is the task of cultivating a flourishing life.

And our greatest asset towards this end is time.

How do you see your time?

Do you see your time as a brief period of intermission in which you get to enjoy the rest, relaxation, and recreation that your routine obligations prevent you from experiencing?


Do you see your time as a window of opportunity to create plans, goals, and commitments that will increase your sense of personal freedom, inner peace, and psychological abundance?

I suggest you consider the value of both.

When discretionary time arises, however small of an amount it may be, have as much fun as you can, but don’t forget about your dreams.

You have the power to learn new ways of thinking. You have the power to master new skills. You have the power to develop new habits. You have the power to forge new connections. You have the power to redefine your life. Take advantage of every opportunity to tap into that power.

I don’t know why YOU, specifically, are here. But I have a hard time believing that your life was meant to be nothing more than a long drawn out process in which you trade in most of your time for the right to survive while you struggle to squeeze in a smile or two with whatever few fleeting hours of joy you’re lucky to have.

Screw that!

Create a life worth living!

Remember your damn dreams!

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  1. These days my dreams rarely leave my thoughts, but in the back of my mind is the constant reminder that I must earn an income if I’m to have any hope of realizing those dreams. Then I spend a lot of time playing tug-of-war with that income-generating activity that tries to pull me away from my dreams.

  2. T.K. The nub of what you wrote here today has been said in part, many times and is much mentioned.
    You have expressed it more clearly, better and what’s as important, with more energy.

    I really like this.

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