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There are no losses in love

There’s a difference between being unloving because you genuinely lack love and being unloving because you’re afraid your love wont be appreciated.

While we should never pretend to love that which does not truly move us, it is equally futile for us to pretend that we are unmoved when our heart is actually compelled by love.

The purpose of showing love is simple: we do it because it is a sincere expression of our truth, not because of the prize we think we’ll get from telling others the facts about how much we admire or appreciate them.

There are no losses in love.

Every act of affection, whether reciprocated or not, is a reward unto itself.

To love freely, vulnerably, and honestly is to participate in the very essence of the cosmos.

He who loves does not always win; but only he who is willing to lose for the sake of love will fully live.

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