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Are you a person of faith or a believer in history?

Do you believe Jonah survived the belly of a whale?

Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin?

Do you believe Lazarus was raised from the dead?

For many of us, belief in miracles is easy when it comes to the lives of others; but that’s not what faith is.

Faith is the willingness to make room for the emergence of the miraculous in our own lives.

Faith is not merely a form of backward-looking admiration; it is a sense of vision that inevitably results in forward-looking anticipation.

When the imagination becomes idle, the past become an idol.

The very stories that were meant to remind us of divine power, now only blind us to the possibilities of the present hour.

Spirituality is not defined by what we believe God once did for others; it is defined by what we permit God to currently do through us.

The power of faith is recorded in history, but it is rooted in eternity.

And eternity is never separate from what is happening right now.

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  1. Thank-you for this… I have always believed that faith cannot sit still it has to be active to actually be… Faith, hope and love working together creates miracles…

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