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You don’t love me

One of the greatest skills we can learn is the ability to be displeased by the people we love without automatically calling their intelligence and integrity into question.

Wise and well-meaning people will sometimes fail, in spite of the sincerest of intentions, to effectively meet our needs and expectations.

There’s a difference between “my partner doesn’t care” and “my partner stinks at speaking my love language.”

When the latter is pointed out, most people are eager to listen and learn.

When the former is asserted, most people are quick to argue and defend.

If you want a good fight, accuse people of not caring about you.

If you want a good relationship, give them credit for caring. Then gently, patiently, and respectfully show them how to care in a way that speaks to your heart.

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  1. the five love languages, a great book, provides so much insight – the challenge isn’t in reading and understanding it is in remembering to use what we have understood…

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