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Why I’m not an advocate of positive thinking

I’m not an advocate of positive thinking.

I’m an advocate of empowered thinking.

What’s the difference?

Positive thinking is about focusing on the positive.

Empowered thinking is about honestly facing reality with an understanding that you have the power to adapt and respond in healthy and creative ways.

Positive thinking = “I need to see the truth as something positive.”

Empowered thinking = “Whatever the truth is, positive or negative, I can handle it.”

Disclaimer: When most advocates of “positive thinking” elucidate their philosophy, it turns out that my definition of “empowered thinking” is what they actually mean. Nevertheless, the term “positive thinking” has become so horrifically and hopelessly caricatured in popular culture that I personally deem it necessary to pull a semantic switcheroo. Hence, my advocacy of empowered thinking.

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  1. ditto. some folks actually get abusive with their insistence on “positive thinking” which they espouse will cure everything. right. try to grow your leg back with positive thinking. I’ve been yacking for years now about “managing” your problems, the way Dr. Phil encourages! That’s better than trying to deny reality.

  2. I agree. It places the focus on action. The term positive thinking seems to suggest that thinking without any associated action can make a change. It might make you feel better for a while, but to make changes in your life always requires action based on deliberate thinking.

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