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TED Talks are not the enemy

Knowledge is a dynamic ever-evolving process, not a static condition.

Any act of imparting insight is only a starting point for further inquiry.

When information is shared between parties, the medium doesn’t matter as much as the response.

If one watches an oversimplified TED talk on quantum physics and is motivated to delve into more technical research, they may be closer to knowledge than someone who took an actual physics class and feels content with what they know.

The danger to knowledge is not TED talks, Internet Memes, and out-of-context quotes posted on Twitter.

The danger to knowledge is any attitude which stifles or discourages inquiry wherever inquiry happens to be inspired.


P.S. On a side note, here’s a interesting 5-minute clip by TED Founder¬†Richard Saul Wurman on learning and information anxiety:¬†TED Founder Can’t Stop Learning!


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