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Sorry to break it to you, but…

There’s no such thing as a universal personality type that everybody loves.

Everybody is nauseating to somebody.

This is true of your favorite republican, your favorite democrat, and your favorite person who refuses to identify with a political party.

It’s true of your favorite celebrity and your favorite anonymous hero.

It’s true of your favorite pastor, your favorite prophet, your favorite priest, your favorite philosopher, and your favorite philanthropist.

It’s true of every ‘yes-man’ and it’s true of every rebel.

It’s true of your parents, your siblings, and your children.

Moreover, it’s also true of you and I.

SOMEBODY finds YOU (and I) annoying.

It’s a guaranteed fact.

(insert gasping sounds here)

What shall we do? How do we respond to such a widespread and inevitable burden?

There is only one way: get over it!

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  1. Just on my way out when I received this email.

    So true. We can’t be liked by everyone, nor should that be the main focus.

    Especially if you stand for something, it’s going to rankle some people.

    But this gives us more perspective on people and allows us to allow them to
    be human.

    Bill Cosby was once asked what the secret to success is. He answered: “I don’t’
    know. But I know the secret to failure. Trying to please everyone, It can’t be done.”

  2. What if I post more pictures of kittens? Would everyone like me then? Yeah, you have to accept that not everyone will like you. The road to pleasing everyone has no end and you don’t make any real friends along the way. Dorothy only made a few friends in Oz, but they turned out to be the best that Oz had to offer.

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