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Speaking of the devil


Last night I watched “The Conjuring.”

It’s a movie about an evil spirit that attached itself to people and fed off their psychic energy.

It was a good illustration of how manipulative entities prey on unsuspecting souls.

One of the first lessons my Mom taught me about evil is that it doesn’t show up on your front door step looking like “a bat out of hell.”

It comes in friendly and familiar forms, but you can know its presence by the depletion of energy you feel after it’s been around.

The most dangerous demons don’t live in haunted houses; they’re subtly housed in the haunted energy of toxic relationships, unhealthy alliances, and emotional vampires.

Many are the forces that wish to consume our energy. And many are those who become the victim of these forces simply because they limit their concept of evil to “the guy with a pitchfork.”

Truth be told, evil has no dress code.

Evil just wants to distract you, depress you, or destroy you. And it will present itself to you in whatever guise is necessary for its own malevolent purposes.

Be on the lookout.

If it’s not lifting you up, there’s a decent chance that it’s probably coming from below.

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