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I defy thee with a countenace of joy


When a man laughs, his enemies cringe and his problems weep.

Laughter is the most advanced expression of spiritual resilience and self-determination.

There is no distinction between choosing to laugh and refusing to be defeated.

Humor is the intelligent man’s “middle-finger” thrown  blatantly in the face of those adversarial conditions that seek to intimidate or make a victim of him.

With a simple smile and a subtle grin, a man’s demons are disparaged beyond what their diabolic logic can comprehend.

Of all the things that threaten to destroy a man’s spirit, none are immune to the defying power of his right to be silly whenever he damn well pleases.


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  1. Chuckle…. Perhaps angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

    We have a very high ceiling foyer in our building and occasionally a young toddler
    will discover that when he or she laughs it echoes. Which prompts them to laugh
    even more—with joyous abandon—looks like they like to hear the sound of their own laughter. Which brings a laugh or smile to our day.

    So, if you can’t find a reason to laugh on any particular day, see if you can spot a
    child out in your world—laughing with uninhibited delight. That might suffice
    until you laugh again yourself.

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