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Playing is a form of philosophy


In order to acquire new ways of thinking, we have to permit ourselves the luxury of being curious without an agenda.

Forcing unfamiliar concepts to fit within our preexisting schemes stifles the emergence of creative breakthroughs and stunts the cultivation of paradigm changing insights.

If every new idea we encounter is met with a demand for an immediate demonstration of its practical relevance, the deeper potentialities within that idea will remain hidden to us.

There are forms of beauty and brilliance that cannot be seen unless one looks for them through the eyes of an imagination unencumbered by an obsession with pragmatism.

Certain ideas wish for us to flirt with them, to play with them, before they yield the secrets of their value.

All philosophy is not serious.

Playing, whether with games or abstract concepts, is not merely an act of recreation; it’s a mode of perception, a form of cognition in its own right.

When we immerse ourselves in interesting ideas, without requiring any form of instant payoff, we open our minds to vast new worlds and we experience a kind of magic that remains forever closed to those who are too busy to philosophize frivolously.

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