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How to locate integrity

not hereIntegrity speaks for itself.

Its opposite demands constant advertising.

Find the man who markets his martyrdom.

Integrity is elsewhere.

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    1. You know how to get through to me, my friend 🙂 Neil deGrasse Tyson is a huge favorite of mine! I consider him to be the Carl Sagan of our generation. I truly love this man and what he’s done for humanity. I finally watched this later today and I really enjoyed it. Great share. Yes, I think integrity is found there.

  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson: the Carl Sagan of our generation. Hadn’t thought of that.
    Oh yes. Definitely.

    I watch his Nova specials. Watched when Pluto was reclassified (demoted?) from
    a planet to a dwarf planet. Informative and humorous, as he was sometimes being
    held accountable for it. The message being confused with the messenger.

    And he talks with such a graceful humor (like John Stossel) especially when he’s being challenged.

    Very intelligent and likeable man(not often combined in one person)who has a
    refreshing way of reaching out to people. And makes science approachable.

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