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The person formerly known as “me”

“For space to make itself available, we must first invite it; in a certain sense we must make room  for it, so that it can reappear. We must exchange our ‘form eyes’ for ‘space eyes’.  Once we know how to do this, our prosepects will expand beyond what we can presently imagine. As we open our usual understanding of what is real, the openness of space will come more readily into focus. By sharpening our understanding of the substantiality of what appears in space, we allow space itself to appear. We invite the reappearance of space as as active element in our human reality.” -Tarthang Tulku, Dynamics of Time & Space

Awareness is the source in which all arises and dissolves.” -Leo Harton, From Self to self

Once upon a time there was a guy named “me.”

He lived quite an ordinary life although he often dreamt of being rescued by the extraordinary.

He read books on philosophy, mysticism, and many other things.

In moments of quiet, he contemplated the possibility of other dimensions and realms beyond the usual here and now.

He took long walks alone at night quietly hoping that the mysteries of the universe would open up to him and speak.

He sometimes wondered if the worlds spoken of in fairy tales were not in some deeper subtler sense more real than the world of flesh and blood that he seemed to occupy.

His whole life was secretly driven by a passionate desire to experience the answer to one nagging question: “Is there more to life than this?”

Then one day it happened…

Like a knot of string that had become loosened with time, his personality began to untie itself.

The walls of self-definition that once constituted the boundary lines of his identity, crumbled to the ground piece by piece.

Suddenly, he no longer felt a distinction between “self” and “other.”

There was no longer a “me” over here and a “you” over there. There was just Existence expressing itself in a plurality of forms.

The search for something more stopped. For there was no longer anyone left to do the seeking.

Where there was once a feeling of gnawing incompleteness, there was now a satisfying sense of open spaciousness.

For the first time in his life, he came to experience freedom. But it was not a freedom FOR his self, it was freedom FROM his self.

In place of this limited and frail “me”, there was now a mysterious and undefinable Presence which could not be contained or confined to the sensation of being a separate self.

He was still there, but now as a manifestation of something infinitely larger. His personality seemed to be a mask simultaneously concealing and revealing the formless face of transpersonal awareness.

It was the end of his life as he knew it, and yet, in another sense, it was only the commencement of a new kind of unfolding.

May “I” rest in peace in the gentle arms of this Life which now expresses itself through the person formerly known as “me.”

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  1. Hi TK

    Have you ever read Martin Buber’s “I and Thou?”

    Did Drake touch base with you to talk about a possible interview?


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