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Don’t be fooled by pity


“Pity is the most agreeable feeling among those who have little pride and no prospects of great conquests.” -Friedrich Nietzsche 

If you choose to identify yourself as a victim, people will feel sorry for you (if you’re lucky), but they wont feel sorry enough.

No matter how much sympathy others may display for your sorrows, they will always return, in the end, to a place of focusing on their own problems and their own dreams.

Self-pity is like fool’s gold. it attracts a lot of attention, but ultimately, you can’t cash it in.

It reminds me of the toy money my parents would let me play with when I was a kid. It felt good to wallow around in it for awhile, but it had no real purchasing power. The moment I tried to do something practical with it, I immediately discovered how useless it was.

if you have plans to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, don’t expect a big payoff.

No one has ever created a life of beauty or bliss through brooding and sulking.

Pity has no power. Only self-determination has power.

Don’t be pitiful. Be powerful.




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  1. Thoughtful post. Encompasses so much.

    Pity is going through life like a wounded
    kitten routine. I prefer the person use
    use their strengths and function from

    (I have an employee (now manager) who
    started out this way due to some bad
    setbacks in her life, but pulled out of it
    over time as we worked it through. She
    didn’t realize that the “wounded kitten”
    routine was a (silent) plea for the world
    to be fair and that this could lead to the
    expectation of some sort of pity that
    the universe was to extend to her. She
    started with me 15 years ago. She’s a
    terrific, smart, hardworking employee
    who now operates from her strengths.)

    Gotha love Mr. T’s quote! He’s definitely an
    interesting character. My son use to love
    his B A Baracus role on the A-Team. Which,
    I do suspect, reflects a lot about his actual
    personality. Bad Ass: Strong. Don’t mess
    with me. Can’t feel any pity for him. Amen!

    The equating of “pity to fool’s gold.” So true.

    We’ve witnessed a generation or two or three
    raised on victim mentality, rooted in pity, and it
    has not served them well. Whatever wrongs to
    be righted out of this were not.

    I distinguish pity from compassion. Compassion
    arising from a tragedy such as a lost child. Pity
    arising from a self-generated state such as an

    Have you ever encountered, personally,
    someone whose own state is such that you
    experience pity? It is not pleasant. You don’t
    want to feel that way, but in that person’s
    condition, after a misspent life (unexamined,
    unexpressed), now ending, leaves no other
    reaction. And you move on. You have to.

    A cautionary tale.

    As Nietzsche’s quote expresses, that you
    can’t have pride, immersed in pity.

    Yes. “Don’t be pitiful. Be powerful.”

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