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Give mediocrity the middle finger: An interview with Ashley Ambirge

Ashley-AmbirgeOne of the first blog posts that made me get off my butt and start making things happen is a piece by Ashley Ambirge, founder of The Middle Finger Project, called “You don’t need a job–You need guts.”

Last week, I had a chance to hop on the phone with Ashley and we discussed her thoughts on success, pushing the envelope, the value of being yourself, and how she went from being homeless to being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

You can listen to our conversation in two ways:

1) Listen right here on the blog by clicking the play button below

2) Listen via my channel on Podomatic by clicking here.

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  1. Another good interview. Have been reading her blog.
    Interesting woman. Really like her bluntness. Cuts out
    the bullshit. Visceral adds volume.

    Thanks. T.K.

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