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“The reason our heroes fail us is because they’re human. We put them on a pedestal. But really they’re no better or worse than any of us. All the terrible things you think, the insecurities you have, the weird things you do to please your ego, the fears that drive you, the obsessions you hate to admit, our heroes share all those same human tendencies. Heroes fail us because they’re just like us. And if they’re just like us, then… fuck ‘em! We don’t need ‘em. We can be our own heroes!” -Zaron Burnett III, Be Your Own Hero

Write your own stories.

Spin your own narratives.

Glorify your own dramas.

Shine your own shoes.

Save your own autograph.

Initiate your own traditions.

Enact your own rituals.

Create your own epic tales of mastery and achievement.

Begin your own revolutions.

Dare to deviate from the worn paths of observation and consumption.

Be a participant and a producer in life’s affairs.

Build things. Break things.

Interrupt old patterns and install new ones.

Put something on the planet that wasn’t here before you arrived.

Innovate more than you idolize.

Only allow yourself to have heroes if you agree to become one yourself.

Use your admiration for others as a launching pad for actualizing your own possibilities.

Walk the path that wears your name and let future generations marvel at the signs and wonders of your own life.

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  1. “Everybody’s searching for a hero
    People need someone to look up to
    I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
    A lonely place to be
    And so I learned to depend on me”
    (Whitney Houston – The Greatest Love of All)

    Another wonderful post. (And good article
    on Be Your Own Hero. Very good.)

    If we’re going to have heroes, we need to
    have more than one. They serve many good
    purposes. Often as fuel and inspiration for
    our own lives. And we must accept them as
    human. Not cardboard cut-outs, or cartoon
    characters. They live and breathe and rise
    and fall. And sometimes rise again. It is in
    their stories that we can glimpse a oneness
    in our human struggles.

    Mostly we can cherish their striving. Their
    talent can sometimes be their burden too.
    We can even grieve for some.

    We give ourselves the chance to get there.
    The way I see it: We usually live the first half
    of our lives, to figure out the next half. “Like
    climbing a mountain ~ we mustn’t overlook
    the beautiful views along the way. ”

    “Live long and prosper.”

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