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Your funky mood is creative

Inspiration is no less accessible on a “bad day” than it is on a “good day.”

All feelings are a form of creative energy capable of being channeled along constructive lines.

The goal of the artist isn’t to gain victory over his so-called negative feelings, but to achieve harmony with them.

Our feelings are not there to be condemned or conquered. They’re there to be engaged and expressed with imagination and intelligence.

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  1. Feelings: they are complicated, they are real and should never be dismissed or classed as wrong ~ there are no wrong feelings, perhaps there are wrong reactions to our feelings but… Often times our feelings do not represent the truth and are skewed, yet they are always valid and real. And yes even ‘negative’ feelings are a source of creativity – Picasso’s ‘Blue period’, pretty much all of Adele’s songs – inspired by sadness and heart break. I know so many people who are afraid of feeling and want to shut themselves off, but our feelings are our friends and we need to accept them, let them wash over us and we will find that the down times often bring healing and growth…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts T.K. I always find inspiration.

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