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Only you

If you never get around to writing your poems, telling your stories, or making your music, life will go on.

With or without your perspective on the record, life will go on. With or without your input, life will go on. With or without the realization of your ideals, life will go on.

Society holds no particular bias toward your creative impulses. The sun will rise and set whether you ever pursue what really matters to you or not.

Should your own unique account of the world go unexpressed, the historians will not gather together and weep as if it were a tragedy. They will simply provide an outsider’s description of what you have actually done and the books will be closed.

Only you can know the pain of your unmade art. Only you can feel the emptiness of your unlived life. Only you can can see the haunting vision of what might have been. Only you.

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  1. So many thoughtful posts.

    This one brought to mind Walter E. Williams.
    Economist. Academic. Journalist.

    When he wrote his autobiography Up From the Projects,
    he commented in the beginning of his book (with just a
    touch of humor) that he thought it best to write his own
    biography so he could tell the truth. This caught my
    attention. Gave me pause to ponder. Who else can tell
    your truth better than you? Especially given the life he’s
    lead and the (intellectual) battles he’s taken on through-
    out his life.

    Very enjoyable read.

    Let us each tell our own truth.

    Only you.

  2. Thank you for this. I’ve been having problems finding a reason to finish the writings and poems that I’ve started, and you just gave me the inspiration! Only I can know that I am as unfinished as my unmade and unfinished art! Thank you again for this T.K.!

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