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The Name-Caller is one with the name

The greatest victim is he whose sense of power depends upon the victimization of another.

No one who truly understands the source and substance of his own strength can be manipulated into becoming a manipulator.

The need to classify certain individuals or groups of people as “lesser than” can only arise from a mind that is plagued by doubts about its own right to exist.

The Name-Caller is one with the name and the oppressor is inextricably bound by his own acts of oppression.

In the documentary Take This Hammer, James Baldwin offered the following observation of those who sought to belittle his dignity:

I know this, and anyone who has ever tried to live knows this. What you say about someone else – anybody else reveals you. What I think of you as being is dictated by my own necessity, my own psychology – my own fears and desires. I’m not describing you, when I’m talking about you – I’m describing me.”

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