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I’m writing my own story

I spit upon society’s stereotypes and I defy all its attempts to categorize me based on the shallow standards of sheer convenience.

I decline all invitations to accept the role of an oversimplified one-dimensional caricature in someone else’s fantasy novel.

I choose to be real.

I choose to be the self-created, multi-faceted, ever-evolving, ineffable phenomenon that I truly am.

I choose to be more than what anyone knows, more than what anyone thinks they know, and more than what anyone is ever capable of knowing.

I choose to be me and I refuse to attribute the authority to define me to someone other than me.

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  1. Werq! (First word/ emotion? that came to mind after reading your post)
    Love these self defining moments..they don’t come often, but when they do, they leave with certain (positive, affirming) impact. So glad to you decided to share yours..

  2. YEAH! And I’ll live these words, not merely recite them to console my present self or declare them to some future self who never arrives. Each day I will BE, I’ll thirst to fully explore my own possibilities and reach for them, not merely note their existence and allow them to wither. I can always be something more than I am at this moment and each day I’ll surround myself with like-minded people, not people who sooth my inactivity, but people who also strive to better themselves. Whether I’m hopping around the globe or am holed up in a one-room apartment penning a novel, I’ll always be moving forward. These things I WILL do.

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