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A Mind to be Free

There is no such thing as a legislative achievement that can’t be undermined by an ideological failure.

The outer constituents of a society will always rise and fall in accordance with the inner convictions of the individuals who comprise that society.

Structural and systemic solutions are only effective for as long as the people are capable of maintaining a love for liberty.

The moment a nation loses its consciousness of freedom, its prior political gains become irrelevant.

Freedom is inherently risky in this way. The more free one is, the greater is his capacity to bind himself to that which is beneath his freedom.

Hence, the real battle of import is an ideological one.

I am after men’s minds, not their vote.

My mission is not to convince people to love one kind of politician over another. My mission is to convince people to think for themselves, to cherish their independence, to embrace their autonomy, and to always question any authority that demands faith without justification and accountability.

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