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Attention must be earned (politicians not excluded)

Attention to politicians must never be paid as a gesture of kindness or as an act of moral duty. They do not deserve our courtesy nor is there anything about their glorified and self-proclaimed positions of servitude that warrants our unqualified respect. We must compel them to earn the time, money, energy, faith, and loyalty that they so freely ask of us.

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  1. “We must compel them …” I think you do not understand who is holding the gun in the room. We should ignore them until they put down the gun.

    1. Not only do I understand who has the gun, but I also understand the power that sustains the state’s ability to wield a gun in the first place. Gun or no gun, all political power is derived from the people. More to the point of what I wrote though, “ignore them until they put down the gun” is precisely what I mean by “compel them to earn the attention, time, energy, money, faith, and loyalty they freely ask of us.”

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