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Witness and watch

Interior depth, unlike information, cannot be commoditized and mass distributed.

Being a person of substance is the product of inner work and each man must perform this work for himself.

The quest for freedom is a first-person narrative, and the telling and traversing of this story leaves no room for substitutes or stand-ins.

Read others. Hear others. Observe others. Consider their concepts and contemplate their experiences, but before the day is done, descend into the abyss of your own soul.

Witness and watch. Listen and learn.

Do this daily.

Investigate yourself until you are vested with the power to invent yourself.

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  1. I distinguish the difference in first-hand thinking
    versus second-hand thinking that manifests in a
    first-hand life lived over a second-hand life.

    “The first-person narrative.”

    There is no other way to have a fulfilled life.

    As usual, well said, T.K.!

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