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“The Market” means “you” too

There are other reasons for doing things besides getting paid, improving your career, and helping others.

There’s also this not-so tiny element called “love” that tends to go a long way in the quest for a meaningful life.

That is, there are things that matter simply because someone decides to love them.

Each of us has the power to love things into a state of significance.

Just as Descartes reasoned, “I think, therefore I am”, you and I can affirm, concerning any area of passion or intrigue, “I care, therefore it matters.”

As one who dedicates a significant portion of his life to helping people become entrepreneurs, I have the deepest appreciation for the beauty of practicality, profitability, and philanthropy.

Doing what works, knowing what sells, and being dedicated to making positive differences in the world are all good focal points.

Nevertheless, I make it a point to remind myself, my students, and anyone else who will listen, of the following idea:

All forms of value are not externally determined.

It’s more than okay to listen to advice on topics like “what customers want”, “what investors want”, “what the market wants”, “what women want”, “what men want”, and so on. But in the course of all your learning and giving, it’s also good to reserve a modicum of space for catering exclusively to what YOU want.

If you care about it, it matters. And whether the market cares about it or not, you should find a way to make time for it.

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