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Will the real you please stand up?

The truth of who you are is unconditionally loyal.

Despise it and it will remain with you.

Deny it and it will still abide in your heart until you’re ready to accept it.

Relationships with people will come and go, but the truth of who you are will stay in your life until the day you die.

It will be faithful to you even when you are not faithful to it.

What sense does it make, then, to abandon or suppress this truth because of the fear of being rejected by man?

Why not be loyal to that which is most loyal to you?

Why not give yourself a chance to see what your life looks like when it’s lived by the person who you truly are?

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  1. This made me cry, but that’s okay. I did exactly that—denied myself—for most of my life. I denied myself to the point that I despised that self, disparaged it. No one could have been more cruel than I was to myself. Then the lies collapsed, my life collapsed, and I collapsed emotionally. Now I’m reconstructing me according to the blueprints that I so long ignored. Illness delayed the process, yet left me more determined. An energy I’ve never experienced before has invaded my being and I know that its name is “truth.” I swell with it and it lifts me above my fears.

  2. T.K. I don’t know how you seem to always post the things I need to hear when I am struggling with them… but you do.

    I have already reread this twice trough slowly and deliberately. I think I will copy and paste it so I can put it up somewhere to read daily for the next while as I allow it to fully sink in.

    Are you OK with me sharing this on my blog?

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