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Act now. Believe later.

You don’t need to believe in yourself in order to begin.

In fact, if you don’t get out there and try new things, you’ll lack the very experiential data that’s necessary to make self-confidence possible in the first place.

Belief isn’t based on a blank slate. Belief requires evidence. Evidence requires observation. Observation requires experience. Experience requires the resolve to take risks.

If you want to be a writer, or a singer, or an entrepreneur, or anything that involves action, you don’t need to be absolutely (or even mostly) free from self-doubt before you get started.

You know what you know and you can’t know anything else until you give yourself the opportunity to venture out beyond the familiar.

All you need to know for now is that you wont die from trying something new (unless you’re trying something deadly or poisonous).

That one bit of knowledge is enough to lay down the foundation for an empire.

If you’re the type of person who can generate a strong sense of self-confidence by looking in the mirror, giving yourself a pep talk, and saying a few positive affirmations, have at it.

I’m 100% for anything you can do that will increase your willingness to take constructive action.

But don’t make self-confidence a prerequisite for getting your feet wet.

Every other day or so, I hear people say things like “I’d love to do xyz, but I don’t know if I’d be good at it.”

My advice is this: Maybe you will be good at it or maybe you wont. Why not find out by giving it a try? Take some action steps and see what happens. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with forming your beliefs based on experience and evidence.

You don’t need to be a positive thinker. You just need to be open to possibility.

Action isn’t just for believers and optimists; it’s for doubters and skeptics too.

You don’t have to BE confident in order to start BUILDING confidence.

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  1. Very aptly put with minimum words. It is what you do and how you do, gives the platform for self development. The willingness to do naturally precedes the action. Absence of negative thinking itself is positive thinking.

  2. “Constructive action.”

    It’s easy to be confident when we haven’t
    really tested it by doing. And is that really
    confidence? Or bullshit?

    We build confidence by doing. And we don’t
    fail if we fall. We fail if we don’t rise again.

    Excellent. “You don’t have to BE confident
    in order to start BUILDING confidence.”

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