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If you can’t do, teach?

The inability to do something, does not automatically qualify one to be a teacher.

In other words, good teaching is not the by-product of poor performing.

Telling people “if you can’t do, teach” creates the illusion that becoming a successful teacher requires less effort and mastery than becoming a successful performer.

Teaching, however, is a skill in its own right and, as such, it requires as much dedication, training, and diligence as any other field.

If one cannot handle the demands of doing, the classroom is the last place he should hide.

The last thing the learning community needs is a generation of educators who see their occupation as the default position reserved for those whose primary competence is incompetence.

If you can’t do, please make sure you know what you’re doing before you teach someone else.

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  1. This was just the blog post we needed to read today. We, Jana DeBusk and Janna Pelle, are the founders of Present Productions – a personalized songwriting company for special occasions. Janna Pelle is an innovative performer in the NY music scene and Jana DeBusk is a private voice teacher. We both share your resentment for this famous quote. Jana (one “n”) is also a performer who “does”, and Janna has previously “taught”. If you can’t do, you have no place teaching. Thank you for your words of encouragement, and keep us posted! If you have a mailing list, sign us up.

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