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Is this for ME?

Nothing is for everybody.

Besides our basic universal needs for food, clothing, shelter, and sleep (and I’m sure there’s someone out there who would even argue that one or more of these elements is negotiable), there is a least one exception to every rule.

Anytime someone tries to sell you something (be it a service, product, or an idea), here’s a good litmus test for discerning the integrity of their pitch:

Simply ask them, “is this for everyone?” and carefully gauge their response.

Do they squirm with discomfort as they answer your question? Do they get defensive? Do they give you a straight answer? Can they admit, for a single moment, that what they’re offering isn’t the end-all-be-all of humanity’s quest for meaning, happiness, and success?

The most trustworthy salesperson is the one who can name, with clarity, precision, and transparency, the exact kind of customer who should not invest in his product.

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