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The season has just begun

I just read an article on about the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers, at 9-0, were the only remaining undefeated basketball team this season until last Saturday when they lost by 16 points to the Chicago Bulls. Prior to Saturday, they looked invincible. Their nine game winning streak included impressive wins over several top contenders. This recent loss, however, brought them back to planet earth.

Were the Indiana Pacers shattered by their loss? Were their spirits broken by defeat?

Here’s what the team’s starting center, Roy Hibbert, had to say:

“One game. It wasn’t going to last forever. But to me, the season starts now. See how we handle adversity and bounce back. We haven’t been challenged like this. We have to show what we’re made of.”

Here’s today’s two cents:

Life hasn’t begun until you’ve suffered a setback. The information you learn doesn’t become knowledge until it’s been refined and reframed by the experience of contrast. Wisdom isn’t what you gain when things go according to your plans and expectations; it’s what you retain after what you’ve gained has been tested or taken away.

People tend to give up on life when they lose, but that’s really when things are finally getting started.

Suffering a setback? Perhaps your season has just begun.


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  1. Thinking of the Rosa Parks’ bus boycott in Montgomery,
    Alabama in 1955. All the women who walked to their
    (domestic) work for a year. All supporting Rosa Parks’

    A woman who was asked how she was managing the
    long walk each day. Her response: “My feet are tired
    but my soul is rested.”

    “Their season had just begun.” What a journey!

    Recalling a prior post quoting Booker T. Washington (?)
    that reading a lot of biographies will teach you a lot about
    obstacles and overcoming.

    Another excellent post.

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