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Creating versus feeling good

I don’t look at creative power as something that depends on our being in a pleasant mood.

I see creative power as a force that is capable of embodying or expressing itself through a variety of states.

We are just as capable of creating when sad or angry as we are when serene or ecstatic.

Feelings are to an artist what the colors on a palette are to a painter. The painter has his favorites, to be sure, but he also recognizes all the various shades as being meaningful in their own way.

For the creator, the question is not “is it okay for me to feel this way?” The question is, “what is the most authentic and constructive way for me to work with the feelings that I have?”

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  1. I agree with you re creating when sad or angry – sometimes I believe even more so in these states. I recall a time when my husband and I had a massive argument, and he went away and took some of the best photos he’d ever taken! Not that I think that is a good excuse for an argument!

    1. I hear you, Penny. I’ve experienced similar things in my life as well. As much as I value feeling good, it’s a much more powerful state when we can learn to work with the full range of our emotional spectrum.

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