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Being yourself actually works

Being yourself actually works.

You can get away with self-authenticity a lot more than you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Here’s an inside tip that you’ll never discover by listening to “fearmongers” and “do-gooders:”

The universe is big enough to handle you.

Your honesty will not cause an apocalypse.

You can afford to veer off the beaten path. You can afford to create your own philosophy. You can afford to stop putting on an act. You can afford to ignore any piece of advice that you don’t believe in. You can afford to admit what you really think, feel, and desire.

The world’s ability to adapt to your choices is remarkable. 

People are better than you can imagine at getting over their objections once they realize that the reality they’re dealing with is non-negotiable.

When you allow others to feel the weight of who you truly are, you transform their resistance into respect.

If you present yourself to the world as an option, people will negotiate your personality right out of existence.

If you present yourself to the world as a fact to be reckoned with, people will simply do what they always do when confronted with facts: they will adjust and move on.

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  1. It’s so much easier to walk on dry land than through mud and it’s mud you walk through when you’re something other then your true self. It’s amazing what happens when you move to higher ground where it’s dry. Your stride stretches and your arms swing more freely as your pace quickens. That’s the place I find myself and as I move along it continues to fill me with wonder. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have arrived at this place.

  2. Really like both posts here.

    “The universe is big enough to handle you.”

    “Mud (other than true self) vs. dry land (true self.)

    “Be a voice, not an echo.” J. E. Saracanlao

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