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Critical thinking is not the enemy

I have never been fond of the term “devil’s advocate.” I’ve always regarded reflection and scrutiny to be divinely inspired activities. Why should the man who challenges others to think critically be perceived as doing anything other than God’s work?

The real devil’s advocate is the one who demonizes doubt, ridicules research, criticizes contemplation, and attacks analysis.

Evil thrives in an environment of blind belief and unquestioned authority, but the truth is never threatened by our investigations and inquiries.

Questions are the friends of wisdom and he who asks them is an advocate of angels.

The more sacred a belief, the more holy it is to test it out and think it through.

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  1. Yes, you’ve mentioned before that you
    aren’t fond of the term “devil’s advocate.”
    I have thought about this since you last
    wrote about this phrase.

    Perhaps the phrase should be renamed
    “angel’s advocate?” Or if challenging others
    to think critically “angel’s adversary?”

    “The more sacred a belief, the more holy it is
    to test it out and think it through.”

    Absolutely. T.K.

    The life of the mind.

    1. I agree, Alana. Whenever I play what is traditionally described as the devil’s advocate role, I make it a point to say “angel’s advocate.” Cheers to celebrating the life of the mind,

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