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From guiltless to great

Innocence is the absence of corruption.

Integrity is the presence of character.

Innocence is a default state.

Integrity is a developed skill.

Innocence is what’s lost after you fail or suffer.

Integrity is what’s learned after you fail or suffer.

Innocence is freedom from wrongdoing.

Integrity is commitment to right-doing.

None of us can stay innocent forever, but we can all do the work of cultivating integrity.

What you’re capable of becoming through choice is much more valuable than who you once were due to your initial condition of birth.

The loss of guiltlessness does not preclude the development of greatness.

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  1. WOW! Superb. T.K.

    As Goethe observed: “We don’t develop character
    in the confines of our room, but out in the full
    current of life.”

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