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Space for intimacy

Space-Universe-395Space is as necessary to a relationship’s health as intimacy.

Roger de Bussy-Rabutin wrote, “Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.”

Perhaps this is because absence, like wind, is a force unto itself.

For those who make themselves available to its presence, space reveals itself to be more than a mere void.

The establishing of outer space facilitates the expansion of inner space.

The distance we set between ourselves and others is capable of opening new places in our awareness and, consequently, new possibilities in our relationships.

Sometimes the best way to get closer is not by collapsing space, but by creating it.

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  1. Sometimes the way to get closer is not by collapsing space but by being sliently aware of the incomprehensible, astonishing space that is here around you right now.

  2. Reblogged this on space2live and commented:
    Space and Intimacy. Yes please! The two are not mutually exclusive for introverts. This post by T.K. Coleman arrived like a Christmas gift with its perfectly succinct and meaningful insight.
    Introverts are capable of powerful love if given enough space.:)

    Enjoy! Hope your holiday was beautiful.

  3. Can you source this quote?
    de Rabutin’s love life was fairly tumultuous. His wikipedia entry even notes his participation in an orgy, making his advice on love suspect.

  4. I believe that a quote doesn’t necessarily reflect
    a man’s life (or advice) but rather. a longing for the
    wisdom that is embedded in the quote. (Although I
    have many reservations about sourcing Wikipedia for

    Indeed I read many years ago that history, (and many
    other subjects) are not a walk through the library, or
    Wikipedia. That getting at the truth of an event or
    person is a vigorous endeavour.

    However, if all that is true about de Rabutin’s life,
    it still doesn’t invalidate the intrinsic value of this
    quote. There are perhaps others who might better
    exemplify its intent . (Genuine relationships—lovers
    and friends, astronomers and astrophysicists to name
    a few.)

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