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The reason for the season

The Christmas holiday always involves at least two groups of people:

1) Those who will have nothing to do with Jesus, Christianity, religion, or spirituality.


2) Those who choose to celebrate this holiday as a religious experience filled with spiritual meaning.

Question: which group truly understands the “reason for the season?”

Answer: the group that is capable of demonstrating compassion and respect towards anyone who is not part of their group.

Whether you’re an atheist, a theist, an agnostic, or anything else, be sure to spread joy and goodwill this Christmas.

Regardless of what philosophy or worldview you represent, please don’t forget to be humane.

The reason for the season is as much a matter of love as it is a matter of logic.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Cheers & Happy Holidays,

T.K. Coleman

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  1. “Love and Logic.” Love it!

    (As an atheist, I still think spirituality is an integral
    part of man’s abstract life. Recalling Aristotle’s
    dictum that “The more abstract the idea, the more
    one must seduce the senses to it.”)

    All the best of the season to All!

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