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Christmas Incarnate

At the heart of the Christmas message is a concept known as “the incarnation.”

According to Christian theology, the incarnation was a unique spacetime event in which God took the form of a human being and experienced life from our vantage point.

The importance of the incarnation is that it signifies the sanctification of material substance and earthly life. While spirituality typically centers around man’s effort to reach towards the heavens, the incarnation recognizes the sacred nature of getting involved in the gritty and often unglamorous details of everyday physical existence.

Here’s today’s two cents:

That which is truly from above will always be willing to affirm and appropriate the value of the things which appear to be beneath it.

The reason for the season isn’t to argue from a distance with people whose reasons are different from ours. The reason for the season is to incarnate our lofty ideals of love by actually engaging the world as if it is a worthy vessel for our generosity.

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  1. And for those who seek the brotherhood of
    men around the world. And to make this a
    better world.

    “And a child shall lead them…”

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