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Take a Day Off

Not just from work, but from the stuff that really wears us out.

Take a day off from self-hate and self-neglect.

Every Christmas we’re reminded of the importance of love, but all too often we forget that love is something we ought to give to ourselves and not just to others.

Contemplate and consider all the things you’ve done right this year. In the spirit of “it’s a wonderful life”, dare to consider the possibility of how empty someone else’s life would be without your positive influence.

There’s nothing vain or vulgar about appreciating yourself. Your life has made a difference to someone this year. The acknowledgement of that fact is one of the greatest (and most affordable) gifts you can give to yourself.

Jesus said “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Key phrase: “…as you love yourself.”

Yes, it all begins with you. If you truly want to make this world a more loving place, start with yourself.

Happy Holidays and hugs from the inside-out,

T.K. Coleman

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