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Kathy Kinney on life in Hollywood, the pursuit of happiness, & the power of literacy

Kathy KinneyOn the latest episode of Conversations with FiFi & TK, Kathy Kinney (Mrs. P and The Drew Carey show) joined Fiona MacNeil & I to discuss her personal life philosophy, her passion for helping others, her recent efforts to support literacy among children, and her thoughts on how to live a more fulfilling life.

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I hope you enjoy.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Very enjoyable. Good choice for your
    podcast. I figure she’s got some “secrets
    to life” given her staying power. Even better
    than I expected!

    Especially taken with her encouraging
    people to read, even if they start by
    keeping a book in the bathroom and
    hopefully eventually have reading at
    the ready throughout the day. What
    ever it takes!

    I well remember Kathy Kinney as the town
    librarian, Mrs Goddard, on the Newhart show.
    Very funny woman. And was impressed with
    her role on The Drew Carey show as she was
    willing to dress outrageously despite her size
    and seemed to be proclaiming her own status
    of “Here I am living out loud.”

    Yet another example of the “stories” people
    carry within them.

    Thanks, T.K.

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