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That’s easy for Oprah to say

That’s what I recently heard someone say in response to the following words by Oprah Winfrey:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Here’s the rest of their rebuttal:

“…great advice from a billionaire. Of course she has enough.”

That’s all, folks!

We’re off the hook. There’s no need for any of us to waste time challenging ourselves. If our lives turn out to be anything less than what we intend them to be, it’s only because things were not sufficiently easy for us. If anyone comes along with some sort of message about how you can take charge of your existence, ignore them. Greet everyone you meet with a “who are you to tell me I can be happy and healthy” attitude. Don’t let the Oprah Winfrey’s or anyone else fool you into thinking you can have a better life…


cut the crap, quit making excuses, and do whatever you have to do to stop being a victim.

That’s what Oprah did.

But then again, this stuff is easy for me to say. That’s why I’m going to get off my butt and go live it.

Change is easier said than done, but better done that said.

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  1. Hey TK…. been a while eh?

    I too allergize over victim mentalities. And the ones who look at the successful and say, “easy for you”, probably have no clue what it took for others to be a success.

    Someone said that to me at one point, thinking I had it easy because I had more education than them and a nice car. Little did they know my life was in shambles. My marriage had just fallen apart, I was deep in debt, my income was dropping, and I was not seeing my kids…. oh ya, and I was ramping up a coke problem.

    And a good year after they said this to me, life was even worse and I nearly lost everything.

    But somehow I saw that I had a tiny ember left. A few simple things like my integrity, my work ethic, my determination, a sense of humour, and faith.

    Today life is much different and thankfully (not boastfully), I have a life today that I never dreamed possible when I was spiralling out of control.

    Had I given up and joined the “easy for you to say” club, and looked at the people with more education, more supportive families, a spouse that hadnt betrayed them, etc, etc…. I never would have embraced in gratitude the embers I had left and fanned them into a flame of a better life.

    I am far from wealthy and far from famous. That is not what I am talking about. What I am is healthy, content, grateful, and growing every day.

    Surely the pessimist’s comment must have been in jest. That or they have absolutely no clue and negativity and victim mentality is such a well-worn habit for them, they remain stuck.

    Bless you bro. Keep up the great posts!


  2. Victims whine. Victors win.

    Victors follow the motto:
    Row Hard. No Excuses.

    And they never ruin an apology
    with an excuse.

    I think Oprah would say that the
    harder she worked, the luckier
    she got.

    “Be thankful for what you have;
    you’ll end up having more. If you
    concentrate on what you don’t have,
    you will never, ever have enough.”

    This requires several readings to get
    the full measure of what she is saying.

    I would think the foregone conclusion
    upon hearing Oprah say this is to add
    that she’s living proof of it.

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