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Create…even when it’s not impressive

Sometimes I’m proud of the stuff I write. When those rare occasions happen, I hardly ever receive any feedback indicating that I’ve had an impact.

Sometimes I feel neutral or negative about the quality of my writing. Guess what tends to happen on those days? Almost as if the universe is playing a game with me, someone makes it a point to tell me how much my thoughts have positively affected them.

Maybe it’s the universe’s way of encouraging me when I need  it…


Maybe my subjective standards for what constitutes impressive writing are not the determining factor for what has value in the eyes of others.

Either way, here’s a valuable lesson I’ve learned from blogging everyday and receiving (as well as not receiving) feedback from others:

The world doesn’t need us to be perfect. And even if it did, there’s no reason to believe that we have a perfect understanding of what perfection is anyway. Who’s to say that our idea of perfection is compatible with what people actually need from us?

Our personal tastes don’t get to decide what others will like or find useful.

Sometimes it’s best to just take a chance on sharing our gifts with the world even if we’re not as polished as we’d like to be.

After all, being impressed with ourselves is not a necessary condition for making a positive difference.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. I think that in perfection lies infinite boredom.

    No contrasts to measure our growth.

    No growth.

    Without contrasts how would we know we’re
    happy without the pain of sadness; fulfilled without
    dissatisfaction, accomplishment without struggle?
    Hope without discouragement?

    What we would value if we didn’t have to strive for
    all that’s worthwhile?

    Your posts: Always seem to be heartfelt and human.

    And I thank you for them.

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