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Distracted Dreamer

abc2Everyone would pursue their passions if there were nothing else to think about,


…there ARE other things to thing about.

The notion of a distraction-free life is a fantasy that no one has ever actually lived.

Wherever creativity happens, it happens in environments where people give themselves permission to create even when it’s not comfortable, cheap, or convenient.

Dreamers are not just people of imagination. Dreamers are people who are willing to fight for the freedom to do the things they love in spite of the time, energy, and attention that the challenges and complexities of life require.

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  1. For sure, T.K.

    And perhaps it isn’t creating when we’re only
    doing what we “feel like” doing? Perhaps it’s
    escape or avoidance? Would this not tarnish
    the results of the creation? We don’t live in a
    vacuum and we wouldn’t want the creative
    results of our efforts to be vacuous.

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