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They can’t take that away from me

Someone broke into my car this morning.

Apparently, the thief bashed in my passenger side window, forced open the trunk from within, and took everything he could find.

Ironically, he left one item behind: a paperback copy of Ralph Waldo Trine’s “In Tune with the Infinite.”

Even the policemen who filed my report thought it was kind of funny.

The message that jumped out at me was the following:

“The one thing that nobody can take away from you is your attunement with higher thinking. No matter what happens to you, your inner relationship with the limitless possibilities of life is always yours to choose. Thieves can break in and steal your earthly treasures, but they can never rob you of your freedom to be in tune with the infinite.”

Even in our most frustrating moments, life has a way of reminding us that man has the capacity to be invincibly free.

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  1. Oh, wow. I’m without words to respond to your morning post in a way that would relay how deeply this one touched me. I’m identifying with what I think might have been your reaction to such an experience, and I’m moved by the way you’re responding to it. Each time I truly show up to Life and open my mind to higher thinking and my being to all the limitless possibilities available to me, I am always amazed at how big and mighty and awesome Life is. Thank you for sharing.

  2. When you can learn to react to a negative situation in a way that says “How can I learn from this, or what higher message is there in this for me?”, it shows that you are progressing in your personal growth and along your spiritual path – a lot of people would just react out of anger, and miss the message totally. T.K. you are obviously very in tune with your inner self, which comes through in all your posts.

  3. Kudos T.K.

    It is amazing how quickly we can adjust our spiritual sails
    to the prevailing winds and become even better for the
    experience when we are “attuned to higher thinking.”

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