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Doing what you love is a pain in the ass (sometimes)

The Myth:

Once you discover your passion, you’ll never work another day in your life.

The Test:

Talk to people who are happily married.

Talk to people who love their children.

Talk to people who own a business.

Talk to people who get paid to do something they love.

Talk to people who are good at learning new skills.

Talk to people who seem happy or successful.

Talk to people who are physically fit.

Talk to people who are influential leaders in their communities.

Talk to anybody who seems to be doing anything you think is worth doing.

When you have that conversation, ask them the following two questions:

1) Did you ever have to do something that wasn’t fun in order to create the results you now have?

2) Did it ever feel like a pain in the ass to remain committed to the values, standards, and practices that were necessary for your success?

If you ask those questions, you’ll discover…

The Truth:

Anything that you love is fully capable of being a pain in the ass sometimes. Whether you’re raising children, starting a business, or just planning a weekend get together with friends, there are aspects to everything that are not fun.

Many have been misled into believing that if they were really in love with X, then the procurement or maintenance of X would never feel like hard work.

It’s actually the other way around: the more you love something, the more it’s going to challenge you. Those challenges may be worth it in the end, but there’s a huge difference between “the challenges are worth it” and “the challenges don’t exist.”

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  1. There is a deep undercurrent of acceptance in
    the life you live by choice and the thinking that it
    takes to achieve and maintain this state. It is not
    a static existence. It’s not for the faint of heart.

    It requires commitment and diligence. Tenacity
    and vigilance. Monitoring and revising. It is a
    contest of wits with yourself. Your only adversary
    is you: you can be self deluded or self-defined.

    As Goethe observed: “The man of character has
    his recurring experience.”

    Work and worth.

    And all the people (above) who can help you to get
    to where you’re going. If you allow them to.

    Great piece T.K.

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