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It’s not an injustice to be ignored

All attention is an act of grace. Fame is not a God-given right nor is an audience, however sincerely desired, to be counted among things we deserve.

A man’s eyes and ears are his to open and his to close in whatever manner he pleases. To be heard or seen with any level of acknowledgment and appreciation is a gift, not an entitlement.

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  1. Thinking of the past when public speakers such
    as Mark Twain, Emerson, Will Rogers, Oliver Wendell
    Holmes et al engaged in lecturing to crowds of people.
    Before radio, TV, and the Net. They prepared their
    speeches and had to count on the audience to show
    up. and listen to them. And they were paid for their
    ability to hold an audience. This took practice and the
    humor to handle hecklers.

    They are probably nodding in agreement with you, T.K.

    Like you, they earn their audience. (And it’s worth more
    than two cents!)

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