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The inherently offensive nature of self-expression

“What are the words you do not yet have? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence? We have been socialized to respect fear more than our own need for language.” -Audre Lorde

Being silent will help you mitigate the criticism of those who take offense with what you say, but it wont shelter you from the negative judgment of those who believe it is your obligation to speak up.

The instant you base the value of your words on the absence of social disapproval, you become a perpetually frustrated player in a zero-sum game.

There is no neutral place in philosophic space. All points of view are points of contention.

Whether you speak or remain silent, your stance will offend.

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  1. Very true.

    I think that those who remain silent to
    avoid conflict, instead of speaking up to
    resolve conflict end up experiencing
    ….more conflict.

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