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Failure is an Intelligence Test

Failure is the key to success, but as with any other key, it wont take you anywhere unless you consciously and creatively use it to open the right doors.

This week, on the Praxis Blog, I discuss my thoughts on failure and why it’s important for us to learn how to fail intelligently.

To read “Find Out Why You Failed”, click here.

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  1. Lots of good reading. Especially the list
    of all those achievers who failed at first.
    I’d also read that Einstein was laughed at
    for looking up his own phone number. He
    then cautioned not to fill your mind with
    anything you can look up. Save it for the
    important work: THINKING.

    Enjoyed Richard St’ John’s TED talk and
    agree with his “Eight traits of successful
    people.” From my own experience these
    are the key factors.

    Some years ago I read about a computer
    company in Silicon Valley (whose name I
    can’t recall) who asked potential hirees
    what failures they’d encountered and how
    they dealt with them . It was an indicator
    to the owner of the company that those
    unafraid of making some mistakes would be
    more innovative and creative risk takers in
    this competitive field.

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