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Do not betray me with pity

When I speak of trouble, betray me not with sadness and sorrow.

It is not your guilt and pity that I seek, it is your creativity, intelligence, and encouragement.

This, and this alone, is what is useful to me in my existential angst.

When I bring my burdens to you, it is only in search of that which I have temporarily misplaced within myself: a remembrance of my power, my beauty, and my worthiness of the test at hand.

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  1. Oh yes. I think that this is a significant issue.

    When we encourage another through “intelligence
    and creativity” we are saying that this person will
    overcome and has what it takes to make it. Pity
    and guilt can introduce doubt about that. And
    disables rather than enables.

    Have met and read about so many individuals who
    have prevailed through extraordinary adversities
    to know that we can be “stronger in the broken
    places” that our scars can be our medals and that
    there’s no such thing as damaged people. Only
    determined ones.

    I believe it comes down to not seeing the world
    as psychological cripples. That human beings, at
    birth, are meant for success. They just need to
    find their own self-stylized blueprint. I think it’s
    encrypted in all of us.

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