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Transparency and Transformation

Owning up to the truth about ourselves is an act of self-liberation, not self-defeat.

The man who is honest about his deficiencies does not become a doormat for the world to walk over; he becomes a doorway for wisdom to walk through.

When men are doomed, it’s not because their flaws are acknowledged as facts; it’s because their failures are accepted as final.

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  1. Some years ago I started listening to people who
    were open and matter-of-fact about their flaws
    and the measures they took to overcome them.
    Whether younger or older. Whether it was a bout
    of promiscuity when they were younger, realizing
    they were searching for the affection they’d longed
    for as children, or trying to please everyone in a
    desperate need to be liked and many variations in
    between. Much of it having to do with fears. I didn’t
    say anything as they talked as I realized that this was
    something unique happening and I admired them for
    their candor and trust.

    I learned a great deal from this. They figured out that
    we can be flawed and still rise. And that acceptance
    doesn’t mean complacency. That acceptance leads to
    change. To find the better self.

    Delivering themselves from the doldrums of deficiencies.
    they aren’t doomed. And some of them have undergone
    serious tragedies in their lives. They are “doorways for
    wisdom to walk through” and I know my life is better for
    having such people in it.

    Indeed they are “self-liberated and not self-defeated.”

    Another excellent post, T.K.

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