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Reading is a Near Death Experience

Before a person opens a book, they should be prepared to die.

How can we grow unless we are willing to put to death our former assumptions in order to make room for new knowledge?

And how can we put to death our former assumptions without also losing those aspects of ourselves that are defined by those assumptions?

Education is evolution. And there can be no evolution without extinction.

The process of learning is the process of letting go and leaving behind.

Becoming more of who we are means becoming less of who we were.

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  1. I agree with You for the most part, and it is an interesting idea. But I don’t think you necessarily have to die. Because just because you read someone’s opinion and took it in, doesn’t mean that has become you now and your opinion.

    1. Anytime you learn a new idea, whether you agree with the new idea or not, you evolve into a more informed version of yourself. Once you’re exposed to novel insights, you can’t go back to being the uninformed person you once were. You are forever changed not just by your reaction to knowledge, but by also your mere possession of it.

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