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A Lesson From Michael Jordan on Being Too Good To Be Ignored

This week on the Praxis Blog, I wrote an article entitled Failure, Rejection, & The Myth of Overlooked Genius.

In this post, I analyze the misconception that success stories are mostly about geniuses whose talent went overlooked until, through persistence and self-belief, those geniuses finally found someone who could see their true value.

I observe:

Valuable lessons about the relationship between success and professional development are often lost in oversimplified narratives about how some High-School coach, Hollywood agent, Venture Capitalist, or Book Publisher was just too stupid to realize excellence even when it was staring them in the face.

In many cases, rejection, far from being rooted in unfair misunderstandings, is the very catalyst that motivates individuals with raw talent to polish their skills and develop their potential until they become too good to be ignored.

If you’d like to check out my thoughts, click here.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Very good post (and links) which do provide a much
    more realistic view of what can inspire us to reach our
    goal/s. And how others can show us through their
    non-acceptance of our lesser developed skills, what
    we need to improve on to succeed.

    We have to take care when others tell us their success
    stories as many are anecdotal and may not be the whole
    story. As with many war stories, the victor will make the
    enemy look more formidable to make the victory more
    sweet. Often the “enemy” has demanded of us that we
    improve our strategies….or lose.

    Ask George Washington what he learned from the enemy
    when he lost the first four battles out of seven in the quest
    for independence.. 3,000 (under clothed and unpaid) troops
    against 30,000 English (well equipped and paid) troops.

    Often the underdog wins because he (or the team) have
    scoped out the adversary and seized the opportunity. And
    gone the distance as Rocky did.

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