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It’s My Party And I’ll Have Fun If I Want To

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” -Rita Mae Brown

Throughout my life, I have had no shortage of people, including family and “friends”, who’ve attempted to make me feel guilty, stupid, boring, uncool, flawed, and inferior simply because my personal definition of “fun” differed from theirs.

Ignoring these kinds of people is one of the smartest things I’ve learned how to do.

People who think of themselves as enlightened evangelists for THE correct way of having fun are often the loneliest and most unhappy people I’ve met.

Everything good that has ever come to me has come as a result of me being truthful to my own idea of what constitutes a good time.

It’s fun to celebrate the joys of life. It’s even more fun when we can celebrate each person’s freedom to celebrate in their own way.

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